Working Towards Social Change through Art and Music (2011-2013)
Living and creating films and music together participants of the project experience Hip-Hop and other urban art forms as tools for citizen empowerment and social change. Israeli, Palestinian, German, and African musicians, film-makers, and dancers voice experiences of forced migration, the quest for home, and investigate the human right of asylum. The Hip H'Opera projects began with a workshop in the desert and continued until the performances in Israel and Germany.

This is an ongoing project, that takes place repeatedly with different partners.For a detailed project description and updates please visit: www.hip-hopera.org

The 99% Remix - A Hip H'opera for Social Change (2013) was supported by "Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures"

Watch Mubarak's and Arbab's Video contribution for the Hip Hop Opera "Borderline Remix" in Israel and Germany.
Because of their uncertain status as refugees in Israel they were not allowed to enter Germany and to attend the premiere of the performance. With this video, they could at least symbolically overcome boundaries.

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