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Beyond Walls
Side by Side with Human Rights Defenders in Israel and Palestine

The aim of Beyond Walls is to strengthen the work of human rights and non-violent popular resistance carried out by the committees of the Palestinian villages, in coordination with Israeli and international activists...

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The Hip Hop Opera Projects
Working Towards Social Change through Art and Music

Israeli, Palestinian, German, and African musicians, film-makers, and dancers explore and voice experiences of forced migration, the quest for home, and investigate the human right of asylum.

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Asylum City
Empowering young migrants and refugees through video and photography

Through activities and workshops, ActiveVision facilitates the use of visual arts as a medium for participants to tell their stories in order to initiate positive change in their lives...

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Beyond Walls - Side by Side with Human Rights Defenders in Israel and Palestine

Power of video productions is stronger than words sometimes, it is able to arrive directly to the people, to communicate immediately, to create empathy. But it is also more: it is a tool to show reality, to denounce violations, and to protect the Human Rights Defenders and the oppressed population from them. More than once video produced by activists were used during Trial acquiring also a legal value. When we asked ourself how we can improve our capacity of actions, the answer was empowering tools, and obviously video is the first!

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ActiveVision supporters are: Sivmo, Euro-Miditerranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defernders (EMHRF), Physician for Humand Rights (PHR), Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Yesh Din and Just Vision.

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