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ActiveVision ...

is an organization founded by a group of documentary photographers, filmmakers and visual artists, who share a common belief in the role of images and visuals in the promotion of social change.

Through participatory photography, film and visual art projects, ActiveVision brings an innovative concept to visual media, encouraging the traditionally passive documentary subjects, to assume an active role in the process.
The main goal is to empower people through use of photography and video; to provide them with a new language for recounting their narratives, in order to promote positive changes in their personal lives, and in their respective communities.
Each project is targeted at a distinct oppressed social group, whose viewpoints are mostly overlooked by Commercial Media.

The following are examples for PROJECTS implemented by ActiveVision:

[2007-2010] ASYLUM CITY
Working with African youth in Israel

A participatory photography and video development project: Divided in three courses, all in the field of visual media: photography, video and journalism, participants created a documentary portfolio of their lives pertaining to their personal thoughts, needs and aspirations in context of their immediate environment and larger social circles.

Working Towards Social Change through Art and Music

Living and creating films and music together participants of the project experience Hip-Hop and other urban art forms as tools for citizen empowerment and social change. Israeli, Palestinian, German, and African musicians, film-makers, and dancers voice experiences of forced migration, the quest for home, and investigate the human right of asylum. The Hip H'Opera projects began with a workshop in the desert and continued until the performances in Israel and Germany.
The Project was supported by "Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures"

[current project] BEYOND WALLS
Supporting Human Rights Defenders in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The aim of Beyond Walls is to strengthen the work of human rights and non-violent popular resistance carried out by the committees of the Palestinian villages, in coordination with Israeli and international activists. When we asked ourself how we can improve our capacity of actions, the answer was empowering tools, and obviously video is the first!
This project is coordinated by the International Civil Service in collaboration with PSCC (Popular Struggle Coordination Committee-coordination of the popular committees in the fight against the construction of the wall and settlements), ACTIVE VISION (Israel),  NOVA (Spain) Amisnet Agency (Radio Rome, Italy), INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION (Belgian NGO that specializes in workshops on safety for human rights defenders), co-funded by the European Commission.

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