Photography and video courses for young African asylum seekers (2007-2009)
A participatory photography and video development project: Divided in three courses, all in the field of visual media: photography, video and journalism, participants created a documentary portfolio of their lives pertaining to their personal thoughts, needs and aspirations in context of their immediate environment and larger social circles.
This project was organized by ActiveVision for young African refugees who arrived in Israel on their own. As part of the course first the participants produced their own MAGAZINE (read/download as pdf) and in a second step eight short movies, which are presented in exhibitions and public screenings until today.

With the support of: A.s.a.f. Fondation, Howard and Sandra Jacob

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8 short documentary films that were created by young African refugees in Israel:

"Sadik" | Sadik, 15 y/o

The film tells the story of Sadik, a 15 year old teenager from Sudan. Sadik tries to obtain a residency permit from the United Nations, and remains unsuccessful in his quest.

"Me and you" | Yonas, 17 y/o

Yonas, 17 years old, studies at an ulpan in Jaffa, opened by members of the Israeli Youth Movement "Ha Noar Oved" (Working and Studying Youth,). It offers a variety of education and activities. In the film Yonis shows us his daily routine at the Hebrew classes and tells about his aspiration to become a physician in order to return to Africa and help his people.

"Street Survey" | Ismael, 17 y/o

Ismael goes out to the streets of "Neve Shaanan" a neglected neighborhood in south Tel Aviv. In search of answers and opinions, he interviews residents about the situation of the African Refugees in Israel, and various political problems.

"Travel from Darfur"| Mubarak, 17 y/o

Mubarak recalls his long and difficult journey from Sudan to Israel. From the confines of the shelter he tells us the story. While walking on the beach he tells his experience with the "Big, big River".

"Until When?" | Tes, 17 y/o

This short fiction was written and directed by a group of Eritrean teenagers. The film centers around Jonas, an unaccompanied Teenager and his struggle in Tel aviv trying to find his way while working in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, and surviving the streets.

"Solomon's House" | Solomon, 17 y/o

Solomon has arrived alone from Eritrea. He finds a temporary shelter in a church, located near the New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv. The church is run by a group of extremely religious believers from Nigeria, and Salomon decides to find himself a new home.

"Shelter" | Rim, 17 y/o

Rim stayed months in an Israeli Prison with her mother and her sister. After they were released, they found a place in the family shelter, run by the ARDC (African Refugee Development Center). Rim expresses herself exceptionally through a monologue in which she tells her story, as well as conducting interviews with other shelter residents and organizers.

"Equal" | Faruk, 17 y/o

On Friday afternoon, Faruk puts a chair in the in the middle of a public square and sits down in the middle the crowd. He recites an Israeli poem and tries to reach out from his sort of micro cosmos to the constant flow of people around him. The poem he recites is called: " You are white – and I am dark."


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